Hey Y'all, what's good?

My name is Nique, and I'm the brains behind this operation, lol. Just wanted to let you know a couple things before you go looking for whatever it is you're looking for. First: A lot of the pics don't display as they would on someone's page because they have TRANSPARENT BACKGROUNDS. That means that the background is see-through. So if you really want to figure out what it's going to look like, open up a myspace bulletin, copy the code, and preview it.

Secondly, please don't alter the coding in any way. I'd really appreciate that. I hope you find what you're looking for; if not, leave me a comment w/ a suggestion!



Lol, today's my first day here, and I only have a few things right now.
More icons & things will be coming soon, be patient with me! I'm just
starting out. Look around; see if you find something that interests/describes
you, and feel FREE to take it! Just tell your friends about the lil operation
I have going on, and also about my social networking site, which targets
17 - 25 year olds

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